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Family murders under review?

ALL domestic violence homicides that occurred over the past five years are set to be reviewed by a new body announced by the NSW Government.

Just days after another violent husband chose to murder his wife then kill himself rather than let her leave the relationship - bringing the death toll from domestic murders in the state for the past 18 months to at least 30 - the Government abandoned its long-held resistance to a homicide review.

"We've decided to bring forward a detailed examination of domestic violence-related homicide as a matter of urgency," said the Minister for Women, Verity Firth.

[As long as it includes all domestic violence-related homicide? That means the Government itself (Military) (Police) (Prisons) and Men, Women, Youth and Children?]

The review will examine the 108 deaths that occurred over the past five years, identify common risk factors, any gaps in the treatment of victims and recommend any changes to practices and procedures that would contribute to a reduction in domestic homicides, she said.

"Ultimately what this is all about is changing the way we do things, if there is a systemic problem, if there are risk factors we can identify, if there are gaps in services - this process will also help us inform the Government's consideration about having an ongoing, formal, domestic homicide review process," Ms Firth said.

The announcement follows the allegations by the Sydney Morning Herald that domestic violence homicides make up the majority of murders committed each year and that deaths in NSW remained unacceptably high - at least 184 over the past eight years.

It also [allegedly] revealed a system unable to protect women and children from violent men, of apprehended violence orders not enforced and danger signs that were ignored. [But revealed nothing about whether the same system could be unable to protect Men, Women, Youth and Children holistically, from violent Governments, Military, Police, Prisons, Men, Women, Youth, of apprehended violence orders not enforce and danger signs that were ignored? Or was it just the way the article was worded by SMH?]

[More women perpetrating domestic violence: statistics

In the 12 months to September 2003 police recorded 4918 women as persons of interest for perpetrating domestic violence. By 2006-07 that had risen to 6056, figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show.

Of the women arrested for domestic violence-related assault in the five years to last September only 32 per cent of the cases reached court, compared with 56 per cent of cases involving men, statistics show.

The bureau's director, Don Weatherburn, said the increase was likely to have been driven by more than one factor. Others could include an increase in binge drinking, or more men who were willing to admit they are victims.

"It's possible that people are becoming less tolerant of violence by females than they used to be," he said. More women are also being arrested for assault not related to domestic violence, which some attribute to a rise in alcohol abuse. Others say women can be as violent as men, and that in more than half of violent partnerships partners struck each other.]

The director of the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Don Weatherburn, will head the expert advisory group, while other panel members will include Betty Green, the co-ordinator of the NSW Domestic Violence Coalition, and the chairwoman of the Premier's Council on the Prevention of Violence Against Women, Lesley Laing, as well as representatives of NSW Police and the departments of the Attorney-General, Heath and Community Services.

"Considering the proportion of homicides each year that are domestic it is well worth doing - we pay far more attention to stranger homicides than domestic even though domestic homicide is far more of a problem," Dr Weatherburn said.

Ms Green described its establishment as "the beginning of a long overdue process".

"I am pleased that we are moving towards a domestic violence homicide review and I believe it is certainly the right thing to do."

Ms Green said the death of Melissa Cook this week, shot dead by her estranged husband John Kudrytch, raised serious questions about whether police and other services were responding appropriately to warning signs that indicate a woman's life may be in danger.

"It is much broader than questions over how a man with an apprehended violence order had a gun - she was in the process of separating from him, he had threatened to harm her, there had been attempted strangulation, he had threatened to kill himself; these are all indicators that there was a lethal risk here."

Ms Green didn't say anything about Psychic spirit sex murder accomplice jailed or On a dusty morning, our tiny Lake Angel finds peace or even Teens who killed taxi driver jailed and what about Payouts for families of abused soldiers then perhaps she could look at The day police just went too far Then how about say, Girls gone wild Then what about say, Court overcrowding 'inviting violence' It just depends on the old memory stick and how you want some articles to come across? AFGHANISTAN: End the slaughter Or say, Soldier killed during Rudd's surprise visit or even, Ministerial Cover Up at LB Prison Hospital. How about Young at risk of homicide.

Last but not least people should look here for the reason the Sydney Morning Herald wants to condemn only men and violence, Zionists are a power group in Australia, particularly listings, 2). 6). 11). 12).

Updated: Mon 8:27am (AEDT)

Critical incident – North Parramatta

Sunday, 21 Dec 2008 05:32am

A critical incident investigation team has been formed following a shooting incident at North Parramatta.

About 1:30am police attended Iron Street following reports a female had threatened a male with a knife.

Upon arrival the woman allegedly threatened police with the knife.

Capsicum spray was used in an attempt to subdue her.

The female continued to threaten police and a female officer discharged a number of gunshots.

A 48-year-old woman sustained serious injury and has been taken to Westmead Hospital where she is undergoing surgery.

A 23-year-old male is being treated for a laceration to the neck.

A critical incident investigation team comprising officers from the Gladesville Local Area Command is investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Quote: So there is more to this story than meets the eye? If the government is serious about preventing violence or domestic violence then the government has to lead by some form of example - and if anyone looks into the links posted here then one can see holistically (at the root the cause of domestic violence in the community) that this problem of domestic violence has to include the Military, Police, Prisons from the Top Down and then the Community including women as a well as men and youths.

If it were as simple as 'lets just hit all the men over the head' and that'll fix the problem then that would be too easy and it wouldn't work. Because men per se are not the only perpetrators of violence in the community. Then we have the influence of TV murder and killing on every channel. Why is that? So when some person feels revengeful they have been well programed about what they can do 'subliminally' because they seen it on TV. Now we have women and girls boxing? Sport also teaches violence. There ought to be no violence taught or perpetuated in sport.

Yes we do have a violence epidemic in Australia with many root causes that have to be taken into account (altogether) to prevent that violence but if you take the SMH view that it is only men then the problem will continue to perpetuate, the community will continue to be divided, and families continually being broken down. Once a family is divided then they are easily able to be manipulated by 'big brother' and I think behind it all... that is what some evil people want? Always a scapegoat, always a victim and a victim industry - for leeches to suck your blood money. Don't let them do it, violence can be prevented as long as people decide to lead by example and spell out the real causes and dangers.


Police defend shooting knife-wielding woman
Police were called to North Parramatta just after 1.30am after reports of a woman threatening a man with a knife.

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens
THE latest domestic violence murder-suicide in Sydney should cause the Premier, Nathan Rees, to change gun laws immediately so that women [people] at risk from their estranged partners are better protected, the Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said.

Husband killer gets four years jail
Guilty of manslaughter ... Danielle Stewart has been sentenced to at least four years in jail for stabbing her husband Chaim Kimel to death.

Anti-violence plan for children
A Federal Government agency is developing a plan for anti-violence education programs for children.

Bligh won't budge on smacking code
The Queensland Government says it will not change a controversial section of the criminal code that allows "reasonable force" to be used when disciplining children.

Police arrest a father over access dispute?
In a media report yesterday the ABC reported (see article below), that the police arrested a man over the abduction of children. But were these his children?

Domestic murders hit 10-year high
But when we write our article then we may need to leave out say, the statistics in relation to women who commit 'domestic murders'? That's if we are going to succeed changing public opinon that it's only the men. Another fact is that women don't commit domestic murders? Of course this is just a guess?

Kiddy criminals, 8, let off with warnings
ONE murder last year by a 10-year-old, although details of the crime are not available.

Mayor seeks 'truth' over Mulrunji death
The Mayor of Palm Island, off north Queensland, says there are still too many unanswered questions about the 2004 death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee and the events that followed his death.

Torched man's killers get 24 years
Two people have each been sentenced to a minimum of 24 years in jail for burning a man to death in a hotel car park in Adelaide.

Psychiatric care for woman who killed
A Sydney woman charged with the stabbing murder of her father and sister has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness.

Lindstrom's murder plot sentence extended Swedish model
Charlotte Lindstrom's jail sentence for plotting the murder of two witnesses in a drug trial has been extended by at least another year.

Mother sentenced over her children's murders
A Victorian woman convicted of murdering her two sons has been sentenced to 24 years in a psychiatric hospital.

Psychic spirit sex murder accomplice jailed
A woman who helped her de facto husband after he murdered her best friend will spend at least 18 months in jail.

Woman jailed for 24 years for murdering teenage friend
Two Perth women have been sentenced to strict security life imprisonment, with a 24-year minimum, for what a judge has described as the evil and sexually perverse murder of a teenage girl.

Mother who threw baby convicted of manslaughter
A young mother has been found not guilty of murdering her baby daughter, despite admitting she caused the infant's fatal injuries.

On a dusty morning, our tiny Lake Angel finds peace
Two-year-old Dean James Shillingsworth was laid to rest in his father's home town of Brewarrina yesterday, a fortnight after his body was found dumped in a Sydney lake.

Mother found guilty of daughter's murder
A woman has broken down in the South Australian Supreme Court as a jury unanimously found her guilty of murdering her young daughter.

Teens to serve 15 years for 'gruesome' murder of friend
Two teenage girls have been sentenced to life imprisonment in Western Australia for murdering their 15-year-old friend who they then buried in a shallow grave in the south-west town of Collie.

Teens who killed taxi driver jailed
Two teenage girls who killed a taxi driver in western Sydney in January last year, have been jailed for at least three-and-a-half years.

Lawyers struggle to explain teenage murder motives
Lawyers for two teenagers have told the Perth Children's Court experts have been unable to determine why the girls turned into murderers.

Payouts for families of abused soldiers
The families of four young soldiers [diggers] who took their lives after suffering abuse in the army hope that government compensation is a step toward changing Australia's military justice system.

Day police just went too far
A man who challenged the right of police to remain in his home - only to be sprayed with capsicum spray, handcuffed and locked in a cell wearing only boxer shorts - has won his case in the High Court.

Girls gone wild
Women are drinking more and behaving more aggressively. Sonia Harford asks why. Not long ago, the women in Victorian prisons were there largely because of drug or property-related crimes. But that picture is slowly changing, with a rising number of women being convicted for assault and other violent crimes. Police statistics show that the rate of women arrested for crimes against the person - including homicide, rape, sexual assault, robbery and assault - increased from 2005 to 2007.

Court overcrowding 'inviting violence'
The Federal Government has been told that overcrowding at Newcastle Family Court is creating a volatile situation that invites acts of violence.

AFGHANISTAN: End the slaughter
An Afghan woman who lost family members weeps after air strikes on Friday in Azizabad district of Shindand August 23, 2008. An UN investigation suggested that 60 children were killed in the airstrike. Australian troops are not restoring peace in Afghanistan but working for oil company profits, amongst other things.

AFGHANISTAN: End the slaughter
On 22 August, 95 civilians were killed by NATO forces, 60 among them
were children. Yesterday 1 September another 70 civilians suffered the
same fate.

Casualties in Afghanistan:
Afghan troops killed: 8,587 Afghan troops seriously injured: 25,761
Afghan civilians killed: 3,485 Afghan civilians seriously injured:
6,273 U.S. troops killed: 534 U.S. troops seriously injured: 1,602
Other coalition troops killed: 402 Other coalition troops seriously
injured: 1,206 Contractors killed: 75 Contractors seriously injured:
2,428 Journalists killed: 6 Journalists seriously injured: unknown
Total killed in Afghanistan: 13,089 Total injured in Afghanistan: 37,270

Casualties in Iraq:
Iraqi troops killed: 30,000 Iraqi troops seriously injured: 90,000
Iraqi civilians killed: 658,227 Iraqi civilians seriously injured:
1,184,809 U.S. troops killed: 4,193 U.S. troops seriously injured:
30,634 Other coalition troops killed: 314 Other coalition troops
seriously injured: 942 Contractors killed: 917 Contractors seriously
injured: 10,569 Journalists killed: 159 Journalists seriously injured:
unknown Total killed in Iraq: 693,810 Total injured in Iraq: 1,316,954

War criminal Howard wants crackdown on school violence?
Discipline is not achieved by cracking down but by teaching better lessons that include self awarness, empathy towards others and insight into offending behaviour. Once more Howard couldn't possibly teach those lessons because he himself lacks all of the above. That's why he asked for a 'crackdown'.

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