Friday, 19 December 2008

Taser consultation snub civil libertarians

Civil libertarians have been outraged with not being invited to a Queensland Police community consultation meeting on the proposed January rollout of tasers for all officers.

Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (QCCL) Vice President Terry O'Gorman said he wasn't suprised at yeaterday's exclusion, as the group had been highly critical of the process of the taser roll out.

"We've lobbied on this matter for six years."

The police said the meeting focused on the training, policy and accountability frameworks put in place by the Queensland Police Service.

"The minister announced the roll out a year ago and any consultation process is going to consist of spin and window dressing," Mr O'Gorman said.

A Queensland Police Union spokesman defended the roll out.

"Tasers have been in use around the world for over ten years and there aren't any issues with the tasers that haven't been discussed."

Quote: But obviously there are issues that haven't been acted upon in the 'community interest' even if they've been discussed by Police and or the Police Union and that is why CCL wanted to consult with them. This just shows Police and Police Union ignorance on the subject of lethal memes and lethal weapons in the community. Of course Police want to belt people with something that is what they do best. However violence just begets violence and what happens is eventually police will get belted back perhaps, (after another senseless death in custody or riot?) What then another Mulrinji white-wash?


Tasers – Potentially lethal and easy to abuse
Amnesty International has said that industry claims that Taser stun guns are safe and non-lethal do not stand up to scrutiny. The organization called on governments to limit their deployment to life-threatening situations or to suspend their use.

Amnesty: 334 Taser Deaths Since 2001
And back in the United States, Amnesty International is calling for new limits on the use of taser stun guns by law enforcement officials. In a new report, Amnesty says 334 people have been killed by taser weapons since 2001. 90 percent of the victims were unarmed and did not appear to present a serious threat. Some of the people to be shocked by taser weapons include schoolchildren, pregnant women and an elderly person with dementia.

Police slammed over Taser death
In a particularly worrying finding, the report states that one person died of a heart attack 12 days after being shocked by NSW Police.

Guns a jolt from boys in blue

POLICE have already shocked five people with Tasers in the first fortnight of use of the controversial weapon, despite their assurances the stun guns would be a "less-than-lethal alternative" to police pistols.

Brother, sister Tasered 'after vandalism spree'

Police say they had to use a Taser gun on a brother and sister after they allegedly assaulted officers in the Sydney CBD early this morning.

Officers to adopt lethal shock tactics
"The camera-fitted Tasers will protect officers from spurious claims that a weapon was fired inappropriately, while also providing even greater accountability for police.



USA: Amnesty International concerned at use of tasers in Florida Amnesty 2007

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