Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Zionists are a power group in Australia

And they all have an office in every corporate news media in Australia including (allegedly) your ABC.

But wait there is more…

They go under the name of (AIPAC) The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Pro-Israel Lobby working to strengthen relations between the United States and Israel through political and student activism in campaigns and elections.

But wait there is still more…

Zionist Tactics and Manipulation in Australian Media…..

1) They over sympathise with people who have been accidentally hurt as we all do but they MAGNIFY this in their media to show the public they really do care more....When there is no need to do this to the extent that they do. This gives them credibility in the eyes of the public. For instance: Extreme makeovers. We care more therefore you should believe everything we say now.

2) They attack and trial by media even those that may be innocent and drive them into being guilty, especially if they have something to gain from it. One of those things they gain is that they want to be seen as PROTECTING the community. That gives them credibility as well in the eyes of the public. They are doing the community a favour? Example: Now there are no juries in the common law division and the equity division of the courts - that means manipulated courts can seize your money and property. No double jeopardy rule in criminal courts: So people can be tried until they're found guilty – not just by the court but by the media endless sound-bites - regardless of a finding. The Judge can sack a jury member without sacking the entire Jury: That means the government can easily manipulate trials. People are convicted on circumstantial evidence and hearsay regardless of whether that circumstantial evidence is flawed and or whether they have a weapon or body.

3) They attack the race of people they are exploiting and lately that is Aboriginals and Muslims because they sought to take their land in NT and WA and are attacking Muslims in their own countries Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

4) They choose your ELECTED party and FOCUS on only two parties in the end "Two Party Preferred.

5) If the preferred party has its hands dirty, crimes included, they do change the baton but only to the other party that they can control. Can you remember Kevin Rudd seeking Rupert Murdoch's approval for Kevin 07?

6) They hide and ignore the real truth.

7) They undermine people and attack people regularly: "Calls for independent Iguana-gate inquiry mounting > National ..."

8) They flood the media with diversions when they don't want any attention about a subject or issue that should be their focus.

9) They put fears in the community that don't exist and cover up for state terrorism.

10) They provoke wars.

11) They Divide and Conquer the general public.

12) They MAGNIFY women and sex offences to maintain their righteousness and credibility knowing that those who would attack a women or children as in the NT Aboriginal community, and as many media reports;

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia SOME Muslim religious leaders are condoning rape within marriage, domestic violence, polygamy, welfare fraud and the exploitation of women, a report on imam ... Imams condone rape, violence - report.

We all detest women and child offences but those accused being the 'most unpopular people' can then be undermined 'guilty or not' and mud sticks. But that is why we have a court of law.

13) You write what you're 'told' or you don't have a job.

14) They push for more draconian laws based on the fear they project and the wars they provoke. The 44 draconian laws made in the corrupt so-called war on terror. Instigated by US state terrorism in Bali with the complicit Australian government including the AFP and ASIO who helped cover it up.

15) Internet filtering and censorship the Australian Government's current Internet filtering and censorship proposals.

16) Mandatory Testing and Vaccinations for all health workers. Whatever anyone feels about the rights and wrongs of vaccination this compulsory vaccination program is a violation of our rights to work in the health care system. We should not have to submit to tests and vaccinations to keep our jobs. We have to work. Perhaps this mandatory Testing and Vaccinations is good for big Pharma? They Mandatory Vaccinated US military and they ended up with gulf war syndrome. A congressionally mandated report released Monday concluded that “Gulf War Syndrome” is a legitimate condition suffered by more than 175,000 US war veterans who were exposed to chemical toxins in the 1991 Gulf War. Nothing should be mandatory.

17) Well off people belittle poor and desperate people to cut off tax-payers provided Social Security to undermine humanities life line. Murdoch warns against Australian bludger mentality. But Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has lied to the world causing unnecessary fears and provoking wars, hence becoming the biggest bludger on humanity. Charity a waste, says Gerry Harvey. Retail king says giving money to some is like helping a whole heap of no-hopers to survive for no reason". Since when has survival been for no reason?

18) Police and Media un-necessarily breaking down families into criminals I.E referring to them as just men or alleged criminals in child access disputes. Hunting them, posting them, and not referring to their relationship with their children. This is to give the State and the police more credibility to break down families, making out that they are protecting society from dangerous relatives.

19) People who are valuable to the state like Police who do the states bidding, football stars, Olympic stars or some people with money and influence like publicans etc get let off for their crimes. Any enquiries or court proceedings about them are delayed and are then white washed. The fact that their decisions are delayed helps the authorities to overcome the general publics outrage at the disparity. I think people are aware of who these people are and have been over the past few years so I won’t mention names. Accept to say that these crimes include gang rape, accidental manslaughter and assaults. In one instance six people were killed on Sydney Harbour and no-one was even charged.

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