Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Young at risk of homicide

Ten per cent of all domestic violence homicide victims were children under the age of 15, according to new figures to be released today by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

The figures show that although the overall number of homicides dropped between 2006 and 2007, the proportion of deaths attributed to domestic violence remained the same.

In about half the cases the perpetrators were known to police as domestic violence offenders.

The Minister for the Status of Women, Tanya Plibersek, said she was very concerned that the numbers of people dying as a result of domestic violence were not diminishing.

The Federal Government is due to shortly receive a draft report from the council it appointed to investigate ways to reduce the levels of domestic violence.

The[re is a] continuing high number of cases of murders resulting from domestic violence despite increased public awareness of the issue.

The institute's report shows there were 266 victims of homicide in Australia in 2007, a decrease of 45 from the previous year. About a quarter of the victims died as a result of domestic violence.

In 43 per cent of those cases the perpetrator has a history of domestic violence that was known to police.

More women perpetrating domestic violence: statistics

In the 12 months to September 2003 police recorded 4918 women as persons of interest for perpetrating domestic violence. By 2006-07 that had risen to 6056, figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show.

Of the women arrested for domestic violence-related assault in the five years to last September only 32 per cent of the cases reached court, compared with 56 per cent of cases involving men, statistics show.

The bureau's director, Don Weatherburn, said the increase was likely to have been driven by more than one factor. Others could include an increase in binge drinking, or more men who were willing to admit they are victims.

"It's possible that people are becoming less tolerant of violence by females than they used to be," he said. More women are also being arrested for assault not related to domestic violence, which some attribute to a rise in alcohol abuse. Others say women can be as violent as men, and that in more than half of violent partnerships partners struck each other.


Domestic murders hit 10-year high
But when we write our article then we may need to leave out say, the statistics in relation to women who commit 'domestic murders'? That's if we are going to succeed changing public opinon that it's only the men. Another fact is that women don't commit domestic murders? Of course this is just a guess?

Bligh won't budge on smacking code
The Queensland Government says it will not change a controversial section of the criminal code that allows "reasonable force" to be used when disciplining children.

Anti-violence plan for children
Why not Violence Against ‘Everyone’ not necessarily just Against Women and their Children - If not then why not? This is supposed to be an article about educating children? Why educate children with a one sided view? Is it okay to violate men? The idea that we should only reduce Violence Against Women and their Children is a Zionist Tactic. Zionists maintain leverage by choosing to focus only on ‘women and children’ because that is how they undermine and divide the community the best. Anyone can search this blog under murder, violence, or domestic-violence and see that women also need help.

Police arrest a father over access dispute?
In a media report yesterday the ABC reported (see article below), that the police arrested a man over the abduction of children. But were these his children?

Court overcrowding 'inviting violence'
The Federal Government has been told that overcrowding at Newcastle Family Court is creating a volatile situation that invites acts of violence.

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