Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lindstrom's murder plot sentence extended

Jail time extended: Charlotte Lindstrom

Swedish model Charlotte Lindstrom's jail sentence for plotting the murder of two witnesses in a drug trial has been extended by at least another year.

Lindstrom met an undercover police officer on the steps of Sydney's Town Hall in May last year and confirmed she wanted the men in a cemetery.

The 23-year-old was sentenced to a minimum of two years' jail in March for soliciting a hitman to kill the witnesses, who were due to give evidence against her 44-year-old then boyfriend.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 25 years but the model's sentence was heavily discounted due to an early guilty plea and her cooperation with police.

Lindstrom was sentenced to a maximum three years and 10 months in jail, but would have been eligible for release on parole next May.

The sentencing judge said Lindstrom's partner "callously manipulated" her misplaced loyalty for him and she had nothing to gain personally from the crime.

During sentencing, he described Lindstrom as "vulnerable" and "impressionable", and said she was "a cog in a criminal machine" who was driven by fear and manipulation.

The Director of Public Prosecutions appealed against the leniency of the sentence.

A three-judge panel at the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal has just handed down a judgement that will see Lindstrom spend at least another year behind bars.

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