Thursday, 18 December 2008

Australians support tough stance on alcohol

A new report released today show Australians support a tough stance on alcohol.

The report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that when it comes to drugs, Australians are most concerned about alcohol.

Half of all recent drinkers say they have curbed their alcohol consumption, mostly for health reasons.

The report shows a decline in the number of smokers, and even those who continue to smoke, are cutting back.

Marijuana and meth-amphetamine use is also down, but the use of cocaine and tranquillisers for non-medical reasons has increased.

Most Australians say they support policies which aim to reduce alcohol.


Alcohol ads must go: Della Bosca
THE NSW Health Minister, John Della Bosca, will seek tougher restrictions on alcohol advertising at a meeting of health ministers today as NSW hospital figures revealed a huge rise in the number of drunk young people being treated in emergency departments.

Alcohol-related hospital visits rise
Alcohol-related hospital visits rocket, with young women the worst.

Brumby confronts booze culture on streets
Victorian Premier John Brumby has toured some of Melbourne's most notorious nightlife strips as his government plots its next move against rising alcoholism and street violence.

Message on a bottle for binge drinkers
BOTTLES of alcoholic drinks could soon carry graphic pictures warning of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption as part of the Federal Government's latest series of measures to cut down on under-age and binge drinking.

Alliance tackles drunken violence
THE TOLL of alcohol-related violence has reached the point where one in five Australians now say they have been directly affected or know someone who has been affected by this type of violence, a new survey shows.

Binge drinking teens: 'two deaths a week'
South Australia's Drug and Alcohol Service says there are about two deaths a week in Australia involving young people who have been binge-drinking.

Calls for binge warnings on alcohol packaging

The Public Health Association (PHA) says warnings about the dangers of binge drinking should be pasted on all forms of packaged alcoholic drinks.

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