Monday, 1 September 2008

Brumby confronts booze culture on streets

Victorian Premier John Brumby has toured some of Melbourne's most notorious nightlife strips as his government plots its next move against rising alcoholism and street violence.

Mr Brumby visited central Melbourne, St Kilda, the Melbourne Custody Centre and the emergency department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Parkville on his fact-finding mission early on Saturday.

The Premier witnessed street violence and unruly behaviour during a walking tour of St Kilda with police. He also saw young, drunk men placed in custody, another thrown into a police divisional van, and a man who got a taxi home after a nasty verbal altercation with bouncers at a St Kilda venue.

The tour comes after the controversial trial of a 2am lockout - at licensed premises in four inner Melbourne municipalities - was called to a halt, ending tomorrow.

The government has yet to announce the future of the trial, which was designed to prevent revellers from entering pubs or clubs after 2am but has been substantially weakened after many venues gained exemption.

Mr Brumby the tour would help him decide how the government will tackle violence and alcohol-related problems.

"You can't beat going out and having a look. A picture tells a thousand stories," he said.


Message on a bottle for binge drinkers
BOTTLES of alcoholic drinks could soon carry graphic pictures warning of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption as part of the Federal Government's latest series of measures to cut down on under-age and binge drinking.

Alliance tackles drunken violence
THE TOLL of alcohol-related violence has reached the point where one in five Australians now say they have been directly affected or know someone who has been affected by this type of violence, a new survey shows.

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