Monday, 4 August 2008

Binge drinking teens: 'two deaths a week'

South Australia's Drug and Alcohol Service says there are about two deaths a week in Australia involving young people who have been binge-drinking.

Teenager Daryl Horner, 15, died at Peterborough in the mid north of South Australia at the weekend reportedly after drinking home-brewed alcohol.

Keith Evans, from the Drug and Alcohol Service, says the death is a tragic reminder of the need to prevent underage drinking.

"We are seeing across Australia around about two deaths a week in relation to young people who are heavily intoxicated," he said.

"I mean it's obviously eminently preventable - this is a real tragedy, a tragedy for that family but we really do have to change this culture that says it's ok to drink to get drunk and, at 15, it's not ok to drink at all," he said.


Govt to tackle violent crime increase
The Victorian Government says it will tackle the rising level of violent crime in the state. "We intend to keep up with our efforts in public education, in things like tougher liquor-licencing laws, the Safe Streets Taskforce, all of those things which are about cracking down on binge drinking, cracking down on alcohol abuse and cracking down on night-time violence," he said.

Record blood alcohol reading for a woman
A driver who recorded what is believed to be Victoria's highest blood alcohol reading for a woman, has been sentenced to six months jail.

Girls gone wild
Not long ago, the women in Victorian prisons were there largely because of drug or property-related crimes. But that picture is slowly changing, with a rising number of women being convicted for assault and other violent crimes.

Calls for binge warnings on alcohol packaging
The Public Health Association (PHA) says warnings about the dangers of binge drinking should be pasted on all forms of packaged alcoholic drinks.

Support for booze public education
A SURVEY of 1000 Australians found more than three-quarters of those questioned about attitudes to drinking said there was not enough public education about the dangers of alcohol, despite the Rudd Government's promise of a multimillion-dollar binge-drinking strategy.

Message on a bottle for binge drinkers
BOTTLES of alcoholic drinks could soon carry graphic pictures warning of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption as part of the Federal Government's latest series of measures to cut down on under-age and binge drinking.

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