Friday, 14 November 2008

There's never been a terrorist attack in Australia

Just yesterday an ATM was blown out of a wall though. Hole in wall' gang blow out ATM The damage caused when thieves blew away the brick wall of a North Ryde shopping centre to steal an ATM.

Look at that photo if you want to and look at the damage to the building. All this is happening right under our noses in our community.

Then we have the suspended sentence in the Winery Terrorist Plot case A Victorian grape grower who planned to blow up a rival winery in the state's north-east has been given a suspended sentence.

At all material times the two above cases are people who are committing real crimes.

Yet the people they have locked up and who are being tried under draconian Anti-Terror laws never committed any crime.

The only reason they’re in court or jail is because the laws were 'bent' to suit the ruling class.

Clearly in Australia we are living a lie.

How much has been spent on rubbish anti-terror trials to date? How much has been spent on rubbish anti-terror security and military hardware?

How much more do these innocent people have to suffer? And how much more do the people of Australia have to pay for this program that has been invented to give the resource wars in Iraq and Afghanistan some form of alleged credibility or legitimacy?

The set-up process goes like this:

The police join or infiltrate some group of people and offer some 'advice' like how about we do whatever? Or I can help you in some way if you'd just listen to me? Whilst listening devices are put in place to get as much 'out of context verbal that they can get - in order to try to satisfy some bent law now made up by the ruling class.

The police carry out a FISHING EXPEDITION on a premises say a home or a suburb or whatever suits them.

They find what they can that will be able to satisfy others that the ordinary household material - that one could buy down the hardware shop or elsewhere legally - could be used to make something illegal like an explosive.

Then by suggesting that by simply adding some chemicals together - with some hardware - they then propose that that was going to bomb Australia to smithereens. However, unlikely.

They then seek to look at what people may have downloaded of the Internet.

Then the secrecy surrounding the legislation provides the cover needed to fool the population into believing that they were under attack.

The police suggest the places that were alleged to have been under attack.
Possibly made up of places that will show where the defendants were at some stage in their life.

They then add some rhetoric like VIOLENT JIAD OR OSAMA BIN LADEN etc...

One of the most confronting problems for crime prevention in our community is that when people 'do break the law' i.e. crime then one can look at the case and point to what is called the ‘pre disposing factors’ that led to the crime. In order to prevent the crime next time.

But with anti-terror laws one cannot do that because no crime was committed.

One other problem is that if the STATE decide to go all the way like for instance in the Hilton Bombing then they plant the bomb and blame the patsy.


Sydney terrorist-attacks linked to London bomb plot?
The masked terrorists cells who have committed violent Jihad bombings across Sydney who have blown up three ATMs early this morning, exploding machines in Clovelly, Chester Hill and Guildford have now been linked to another explosives-packed car found outside a nightclub near Piccadilly Circus in London on June 29, 2007.

Terrorist attacks - Cells strike Sydney’s ATM’s
Masked terrorists cells have committed violent Jihad bombings and have blown up three ATMs across Sydney early this morning, exploding machines in Clovelly, Chester Hill and Guildford.

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