Friday, 14 November 2008

Man convicted over internet video footage

A 20-year-old Seymour man has been convicted after Victoria's first prosecution arising out of video footage on popular website YouTube.

The Seymour Magistrates Court heard Matthew Ward made a video of himself with his phone skylarking on a forklift at work.

The court heard the video showed him reversing this forklift at speed, spinning the tyres, driving with the rear wheels raised and failing to wear a seatbelt.

The video clip was viewed 238 times before Matthew Ward was caught.

He was charged after colleagues recognised him and the premises in the video.

He was dismissed from his job at a Kilmore fabrication plant and his forklift license was suspended.

Worksafe prosecutor Karen Argiropolous told the court since 1985 there has been 56 forklift fatalities and that Ward's conduct was aggravated by him recording and promoting the video.

Ward's defence lawyer Greg George said his client did not realise he was placing himself in danger, was very remorseful and had suffered the consequences of his actions.

Magistrate Caitlin English said it was remarkable Ward was not injured.

She said it was a serious offence and it was important to deter other young people from following suit.

He was convicted and ordered to perform fifty hours community service.

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