Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sydney terrorist-attacks linked to London bomb plot?


The masked terrorists cells who have committed violent Jihad bombings across Sydney who have blown up three ATMs early this morning, exploding machines in Clovelly, Chester Hill and Guildford have now been linked to another explosives-packed car found outside a nightclub near Piccadilly Circus in London on June 29, 2007.

This mornings three ATM terrorist attacks across Sydney causing explosions make it seven robberies or attempted robberies using gas cylinders in the last week.

Detectives from Strike Force 'You Look Silly’ are now investigating a spate of ATM terrorist attacks and explosions using gas cylinders across Sydney since July.

Now sources say an ATM card found at the seen of the Clovelly terrorist attack this morning has been linked to the same bank account of one of the bombers in a terrorist cell in London.

On June 29, 2007 police defused a bomb consisting of 200 liters of fuel, gas cylinders and nails found in an abandoned car in Haymarket, central London. A second car packed with gas and nails was later found to have been parked just a few hundred yards from the first, before it was towed away by traffic wardens in the early hours of Friday, June 29, 7007 for violating parking restrictions. Police say those two vehicles were also clearly linked.

The first terrorist cell in Sydney this morning hit an ATM at the Bendigo Bank on Clovelly Road at Clovelly in the city's eastern suburbs.

About 1.45am four of the terrorists exploded the street-front ATM at the intersection of Mount Street using gas cylinders, sending glass and debris flying as far as the other side of the road.

The ATM and front of the bank were destroyed. In the explosion, the terrorist thieves' dark grey Audi getaway car parked out the front of the bank was also damaged, forcing them to abandon it.

Police established a perimeter around the bank and told nearby neighbours to evacuate their homes until the gas cylinders in the boot of the car are deemed safe.

Police closed Clovelly Road as well as several surrounding streets and conducted Polair and dog squad searches throughout the early hours of this morning.

About the same time another terrorist cell of three masked men exploded an ATM at a bank on Waldron Street at Chester Hill in Sydney's west.

Police said the ATM and front section of the bank was significantly damaged and the area has been cordoned off while officers investigate.

The three terrorists, also using an Audi, but this time silver, as a getaway car, then managed to escape police.

The third terrorist attack in the space of half an hour happened about 2.15am, with cell this time targeting an ATM at the front of a physiotherapist shop on Guildford Road at Guildford in Sydney north west.

Guilford Road between Cross Street and Station Street have been cordoned off.

London has a long history of bomb attacks and alerts during decades of violence mounted by terrorists. Lone attackers also have previously targeted the city's gay and immigrant communities.

We're currently facing the most serious and sustained threat to our security from international terrorism.

If you see anything suspicious call the 24-hour National Security Hotline on 1800 666 and remember every piece of information helps.


Terrorist attacks - Cells strike Sydney’s ATM’s
Masked terrorists cells have committed violent Jihad bombings and have blown up three ATMs across Sydney early this morning, exploding machines in Clovelly, Chester Hill and Guildford.

There's never been a terrorist attack in Australia
Just yesterday an ATM was blown out of a wall though. Hole in wall' gang blow out ATM The damage caused when thieves blew away the brick wall of a North Ryde shopping centre to steal an ATM.

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