Monday, 22 September 2008

Legal experts to mull Haneef case

The handling of the case of Mohamed Haneef will be discussed at a public forum in Sydney today.

It is part of an inquiry into why the former Gold Coast-based doctor was charged over a terrorism plot in the UK and why the case against him collapsed.

The head of the inquiry, retired Supreme Court judge John Clarke QC, says the forum will examine legislation as it applied to Dr Haneef.

Among the invited speakers are former High Court chief justice Sir Gerard Brennan and Ross Ray QC from the Law Council of Australia.

Australia's counter-terrorism laws will be scrutinised at a public forum in Sydney today.

The inquiry is due to report back to the Federal Government by mid-November.

Quote: What happened to Dr Haneef is similar to what happened to all the alleged terrorists. Draconian laws - and people used as scapegoats - in the so called war on terror - which is state terror - that serves as propaganda to fuel the illegal and degrading wars - and crimes against humanity - perpetrated on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where are the terrorists? There has to be terrorists. Otherwise the war on terror is fake. Like, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!!! None other than those used by the state terrorists, the coalition of the killing, in pre-emptive wars on foreign nations states.


Haneef's lawyer says inquiry is weak
The inquiry into Australian authorities' handling of the Mohamed Haneef case needs stronger powers to avoid becoming a "toothless tiger", the former terror suspect's lawyer says.

Stand down, lawyers tell Keelty
THE Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, should stand down pending the outcome of the Clarke Inquiry into the handling of the Haneef case, the Australian Lawyers Alliance said yesterday.

Haneef to seek compensation
Greens...AFP needs to properly explain the reasons why it pursued the case against Dr Haneef. MORE than a year after a terrorism charge against him was dropped and more than $8 million later, the Australian Federal Police have finally confirmed they have cleared the Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef as a suspect.

Haneef advice ignored by Andrews: lawyers
Lawyers for former Gold Coast-based Dr Mohamed Haneef say they have obtained new documents showing former immigration minister Kevin Andrews ignored advice from his own department.

Haneef's lawyer wants secret dossier released
A lawyer representing former Gold Coast-based doctor Mohamed Haneef says a secret dossier used to cancel his client's visa contained no incriminating evidence against his client.

Haneef lawyers want more powers in probe
Lawyers acting for Mohamed Haneef want an inquiry investigating the failed terrorism case against him to be given the powers of a royal commission.

Haneef case evidence 'to remain secret'
The retired judge who is investigating the case of Dr Mohamed Haneef says much of the evidence he has received will have to remain secret.

AFP denied lawyer to Haneef: report

Mohamed Haneef's lawyers say the Australian Federal Police (AFP) repeatedly denied their client's request for a lawyer to be present during his first interview.

Legal experts to mull Haneef case
The head of the inquiry, retired Supreme Court judge John Clarke QC, says the forum will examine legislation as it applied to Dr Haneef.

Terror suspects held in 'repressive' conditions: lawyer
Lawyer Rob Stary who represented five of the men convicted of terrorism related offences said the conditions they were held in were 'repressive. He said the Government should review the anti-terror laws.

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