Monday, 1 September 2008

Stand down, lawyers tell Keelty

THE Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, should stand down pending the outcome of the Clarke Inquiry into the handling of the Haneef case, the Australian Lawyers Alliance said yesterday.

Its national president, Clara Davies, said the AFP declaration that terrorism suspect Mohamed Haneef was "no longer a person of interest", while welcome, was disturbing.

Dr Haneef had been forced to endure more than 12 months of false accusation after his arrest at Brisbane Airport on July 2, 2007 when his mobile phone SIM card was linked to botched terrorism attacks in Britain.

"Revelations in the case, particularly in the past six to eight weeks, cast a shadow over the operations of the AFP under Mick Keelty," Ms Davies said.

"In a matter of this significance and importance Mr Keelty would have been aware of what was going on every step of the way. He should stand down until such time as John Clarke finalises his report."

Ms Davies said there remained questions over whether Mr Keelty had taken directions on how to handle the Haneef case from "up above".


Haneef to seek compensation
Greens...AFP needs to properly explain the reasons why it pursued the case against Dr Haneef. MORE than a year after a terrorism charge against him was dropped and more than $8 million later, the Australian Federal Police have finally confirmed they have cleared the Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef as a suspect.

Haneef advice ignored by Andrews: lawyers
Lawyers for former Gold Coast-based Dr Mohamed Haneef say they have obtained new documents showing former immigration minister Kevin Andrews ignored advice from his own department.

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