Monday, 21 July 2008

Father of two offers home to Dennis Ferguson

A father of two has offered to share his home with convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson.

Brett Collins, an ex-prisoner and advocate for prisoners' rights, has offered to have Ferguson live with him in his Sydney home.

Mr Collins says he is angered by the community uproar surrounding Ferguson.

Ferguson has been hounded out by angry residents of one Queensland town and his current residence near Brisbane has been picketed by protesters.

Mr Collins, who has a daughter aged 16 and a 12-year-old son, said Ferguson should not be the scapegoat for all sexual abuse.

"Everybody has frailty, we have no problem at all with the likes of Dennis Ferguson," he said.

"We've been around sex offenders, we find them the same as lawyers or maybe even media people ... we don't have any problem with them at all."

Mr Collins says his children have been brought up by people who had committed murder and rape, and it had not been a problem.

"We can at least look after our own community," he said.

He said ex-prisoners wanted to contribute to society and vigilante action against Ferguson was unfair.


Paper faces stalking charge
Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson will be asked to consider charging a newspaper with stalking after it asked readers to help put a man back in prison.

Rape victims' father seeks papal audience
The father of two girls who were repeatedly raped by a priest while they were primary school students in Melbourne is on his way to Australia from Britain seeking a personal audience with the Pope.

Ex-AFP officer jailed for child porn
A former Australian Federal Police officer has been sentenced in the ACT Magistrates Court to 14 months in jail for accessing child pornography.

Call for sexual abuse investigation
Dozens of alleged victims are launching civil action against other former teachers. Former students of Canberra's Marist College are forming a lobby group to call for a full investigation into sexual abuse allegations at the school.

Marist brother jailed for sexual assault
A former teacher at Canberra's Marist College will spend two years in jail for the sexual assault of his students.

Pedophile policeman jailed
Sentenced … Scott Ward's collection "constituted the worst kind of child pornography". A POLICEMAN who kept thousands of child pornography images on his home computer and who kept a provocative video of a young girl in his work locker has been sentenced to more than three years in jail.

Power struck off over child porn conviction
Former New South Wales deputy crown prosecutor Patrick Power has been struck off the roll of legal practitioners after his conviction for child pornography.

Elderly ex-teacher jailed for abusing boys
An elderly former teacher who sexually abused three young boys will not be eligible for release from jail for at least six years.

Suicide taunt to suspects
A DAY after one of the men arrested in a national pedophile crackdown tried to kill himself, a politician has sparked outrage by encouraging people accused of child pornography to commit suicide.

There's more to scandal: Orkopoulus family
THE family of convicted paedophile Milton Orkopoulos last night broke their silence saying there was more to the scandal than had so far been revealed.

'Fantasy' led to sex with girl, 12
A 27-year-old man who had a year-long sexual relationship with a 12-year-old neighbour has been jailed for three years.

Abusers free without treatment
HIGH-RISK sex offenders who need and want treatment are released without it because the state's only rehabilitation centre is ridiculously under-resourced, says a psychologist who worked on the program for a decade.

3 years jail for nursing home rapist
A Melbourne aged care worker who raped an elderly dementia patient has been sentenced to three years jail.

Physio jailed over sex attacks
A Melbourne physiotherapist who sexually assaulted 15 of his patients has been sentenced to nine years and 11 months in jail.

Australia grappling with child abuse 'epidemic'
A child protection organisation says the rate of child abuse in Australia has reached epidemic levels. Child Wise has collated research showing one in four girls and one in seven boys experience some form of sexual abuse.

15 year jail term for stepdad rapist
A Cairns man who filmed himself raping his five-year-old stepdaughter, then emailed the footage around the world, has been sentenced to 15 years' jail. The man, who cannot be identified, had pleaded guilty to 88 state and federal charges, including rape, incest and trading in objectionable material.

Court jails 'favourite teacher' for sex abuse
The court was told the man was 'everyone's favourite teacher'. But he has been jailed for sexual abuse. A former primary school teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing a student of an Adelaide school.

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