Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sydney pensioners rally for long-term reform

Pensioner, retiree and welfare groups have rallied together in Sydney, calling on the Federal Government to improve their standard of living.

The Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition is urging the Government to make sure next year's pension reforms deliver an adequate pension over the long-term.

The coalition's chairman, Jon Bisset, says he is hopeful the Government will provide a boost.

"We understand that there are other economic issues on at the moment but they're not excuses for forgetting about pensioners in the future," he said.

Single-aged pensioner Noreen Hewitt says the constant worry about money is exhausting.

"There needs to be an increase for us to just survive," she said.

The coalition also plans to lobby the Government to introduce new cost of living indices just for pensioners and retirees.

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