Monday, 24 November 2008

Pensioners demand payment increase

About 200 pensioners have gathered at the Melbourne Town Hall to demand an increase in their payments.

The Government is giving pensioners a one-off payment of $1,400 next month, but they say it will not be enough to cover the rising cost of living.

Seniors groups want the Federal Government to increase the pension rate from 25 per cent of average weekly earnings, to 35 per cent.

The Council on Ageing spokeswoman Patricia Reeve says pensioners are struggling to survive.

"Some people are talking about a $30 a week increase and that's just not enough that won't make the difference that's required," she said.

"The other thing is Government has many calls on it. We're asking a whole community to say to the Government it's time to do something about pensions."


Sydney pensioners rally for long-term reform

Pensioner, retiree and welfare groups have rallied together in Sydney, calling on the Federal Government to improve their standard of living.

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