Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Greenpeace trio fined over smoke stack stunt

Protesters paint 'solar' on a smoke stack at Swanbank Power Station in July.

Three Greenpeace activists who scaled a smoke stack at a power station west of Brisbane have been ordered to pay more than $23,000 in damages.

Pete Cooper, Paul Grajewski and Julien Vincent, all from Sydney, pleaded guilty in the Ipswich Magistrates Court today.

In July, the protesters scaled the 140-metre high tower at Swanbank and painted the words 'Go Solar' in giant letters.

No convictions were recorded but they were each fined $500 and ordered to pay the clean-up costs.

Mr Vincent, 27, says he would do it all again despite the hefty clean-up bill.

He says he and his colleagues will continue to speak out.

"This sort of thing is happening all around Australia, so I think so long as this issue is still remaining remaining critical and so long as there is no real response from government which reflects what we need, then I think the culture is very much one where action on greenhouse emissions is becoming the norm," he said.

Charges against nine other protesters were also heard today.

All pleaded guilty and were fined $300 each.


Sea-level rise threat to coast
SYDNEY'S iconic beaches, coastal houses, commercial property and roads will be threatened by rising sea levels by 2050, while the city's temperature is expected to rise by at least 2 degrees, a new scientific study, launched by the Premier, Nathan Rees, reveals.

Scientists push PM for 25pc emissions cut
A group of top level climate change experts has written a letter to the Prime Minister arguing that cutting greenhouse gas emissions by only 10 per cent would be dangerous.

Greenpeace criticises clean-coal plans
The environmental group Greenpeace has called on the Federal Government to rethink its support for clean coal technology.

Garnaut too soft on emissions target: expert

A leading Australian climate scientist has criticised the greenhouse gas reduction targets proposed by the Government's climate change adviser Professor Ross Garnaut.

Green groups slam failure to set firm targets
THE Federal Government has refused to commit itself to any of the pollution reduction models outlined by its handpicked climate change expert, Ross Garnaut, saying it will make its own decisions by the end of the year.

Native forests should be part of the solution

The Greens leader Bob Brown says lifting Australia's reserves of native forests should be part of the Federal Government's solution to climate change.

Sea levels could rise 4m this century
An expert in climate change says the world's sea levels could rise by up to four metres this century.

Greens: Tougher ETS in Senate

Greens Leader Bob Brown has vowed to use his party's new power in the Senate to push for a tough emissions trading scheme (ETS). The Greens now share the balance of power in the Upper House and Senator Brown says he will use his vote to force stronger action on climate change.

Greens urge swift response to Garnaut draft
The Greens say the Federal Government can not be worried about electoral popularity and must move quickly when it responds to economist Ross Garnaut's draft report on climate change.

Climate change fight needs political ardour: Greenpeace
Greenpeace says the only thing Australia lacks in the fight against climate change is political will.

Leaving petrol off emissions trading scheme 'dangerous'
The Greens say any moves to leave petrol out of the Federal Government's emissions trading scheme will render it ineffective.

Aust's ecological footprint one of biggest in world: index
The annual Climate Living Index, which measures humanity's demand on natural resources, has listed Australia's ecological footprint as one of the biggest in the world.

Climate change hot topic at youth 2020 summits
More than 500 schools held talks during the past month ahead of the Federal Government's Youth Summit in Canberra this weekend. Ms Gillard says she is not surprised the environment is the number one concern of many children.

Greenpeace to give Treasurer carbon capture petition
A petition with 30,000 signatures will today be handed to the Federal Treasurer's office urging the Government to abandon its investment in carbon capture and storage.

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