Monday, 5 May 2008

Greenpeace to give Treasurer carbon capture petition

A petition with 30,000 signatures will today be handed to the Federal Treasurer's office urging the Government to abandon its investment in carbon capture and storage.

The petition argues renewable power like solar and wind is far more efficient.

Members of 80 international organisations signed the statement condemning what is called carbon capture and storage, a technology which buries the pollution underground.

Instead, the petition demands the Federal Government invest in renewable energy.

Greenpeace spokesman Julien Vincent says the Federal Government must consider this in next week's Budget.

"It's simply irresponsible to be using taxpayers money to fuel the problem any further, we want [Federal Treasurer] Wayne Swan and the Federal Government to live up to their word on climate change and start putting our money where their mouths are," he said.

"This afternoon, Greenpeace will release a report which states that carbon capture and storage is a scam and fraught with uncertainties."

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