Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Australia pays family of Afghan governor

Governor Rozi Khan and two bodyguards were killed.

Australia has made an honour payment to the family of Afghan tribal district governor Rozi Khan who was shot dead in a confused firefight involving Australian special forces troops.

The speedy burial of Governor Khan meant no post-mortem examination was possible and it would probably never be known whether he died from shots fired by the Australian troops, defence chief Angus Houston said.

[Sure. People were born yesterday?]

The incident occurred in the town of Tarin Kowt on September 18.

Air Chief Marshal Houston said it was a violent and confusing event which led to the death of a respected tribal leader.

"As an Australian patrol was passing through a rural settlement on their way to achieve a separate objective, [stealing oil resources?] they came under fire from multiple sources," he told a Senate budget estimates committee hearing on Wednesday.

[But all illegal and degrading wars are violent and confusing as well they're lethal memes that should be avoided.]

The soldiers fired back in self defence.

"During this protracted night-time engagement, a group of five armed men that included Mr Khan approached the patrol from the direction of some of the firing.

"Believing these men were a threat, we appear to have engaged the group that included Mr Khan."

[So whilst stealing oil resources on Afghanistani soil they shoot people from the region believing these men who lived there were a threat.]

International Security Assistance Force and Australian inquiries had been unable to determine the exact details of the engagement including who killed Mr Khan.

[That's is why they paid the honour payment? By the way how honourable is that?]

The governor's immediate burial, required by local custom, prevented forensic examination.

"Following negotiations in accordance with Afghan culture, an honour payment has been made to Mr Khan's family to help maintain our good relationship with Rozi Khan's followers," Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

The amount paid was unspecified.

[This is the second time this article stated that, "The governor's immediate burial, required by local custom, prevented forensic examination." So that's how you know it's propaganda. For instance if all those killed by someone in Afghanistan, can't be examined, then who knows who killed who? The war is propagandised. To think that Chief Marshal Houston doesn't know this and wouldn't use it to defend himself or his government from being accused is just plain imperialist fraud.]

Australian inquiries determined civilians in the area were anxious and uncertain as there had been Taliban activity the day before and again that evening.


The Taliban had also threatened to kill one of the locals in the vicinity and that caused guards on compounds to be nervous and agitated, prompting the initial contact.

[Good throw off anyway.]

"On the night he was killed, Mr Khan was not aware that coalition forces were involved in the engagement and he was moving to assist members of his militia that he believed to be under attack by the Taliban," Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

The defence chief said he was confident Australian troops acted in accordance with the right to self defence under their rules of engagement.

[War Chief Marshal Houston should be sacked.]

Quote: Did Khan's two bodyguards get an honour payment? How honourable would that be? Don't the military force understand that they can do wrong in a war zone? A war zone that they helped to create. By not allowing wrong in a war zone then Chief Marshal Houston implies that the illegal and degrading war on Afghanistan is somehow right? But the truth will set you free...


Govt mulls payment Afgan governor's family
The Australian Defence [War] Force says the Federal Government will consider making a payment to the family of an Afghan governor, who is believed to have been accidentally killed by Australian forces.

Three civilians killed in botched raid
AUSTRALIAN special forces troops in Afghanistan have accidentally killed a district governor and two of his bodyguards in a botched raid that will pose a further setback to the [war against indigenous afghanistanis.]

AFGHANISTAN: End the slaughter
An Afghan woman who lost family members weeps after air strikes on Friday in Azizabad district of Shindand August 23, 2008. An UN investigation suggested that 60 children were killed in the airstrike. Australian troops are not restoring peace in Afghanistan but working for oil company profits, amongst other things.

Austraila detained Afghans in 'dog pens'
Australian special forces troops detained suspected Taliban militants [or indigenous Afganistanis] in "dog pens" in actions which have prompted a protest from the Afghan ambassador.

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