Thursday, 9 October 2008

Govt mulls payment Afgan governor's family

Governor Rozi Khan and two bodyguards were killed.

The Australian Defence [War] Force says the Federal Government will consider making a payment to the family of an Afghan governor, who is believed to have been accidentally killed by Australian forces.

The Governor of the Chora District, Rozi Khan, was shot dead last month during an incident where Australian forces were returning enemy [resistance] fire.

ADF Vice Chief Lieutenant General David Hurley says an act of grace payment to Mr Khan's family is one of the measures being considered by the Government.

"An investigation is being conducted into that and we'll await the outcome of that inquiry," he said.

"We have taken advice from the local leadership in the area in terms of what steps in reconciliation and how do we address the issue of that incident."

Quote: What about his bodyguards family? Are payments only for nobility? Peasants don't count?


Three civilians killed in botched raid
AUSTRALIAN special forces troops in Afghanistan have accidentally killed a district governor and two of his bodyguards in a botched raid that will pose a further setback to the [war against indigenous afghanistanis.]

AFGHANISTAN: End the slaughter
An Afghan woman who lost family members weeps after air strikes on Friday in Azizabad district of Shindand August 23, 2008. An UN investigation suggested that 60 children were killed in the airstrike. Australian troops are not restoring peace in Afghanistan but working for oil company profits, amongst other things.

Austraila detained Afghans in 'dog pens'
Australian special forces troops detained suspected Taliban militants [or indigenous Afganistanis] in "dog pens" in actions which have prompted a protest from the Afghan ambassador.

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