Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Charity calls for petrol relief

A charity is calling for petrol companies to help them cope with the rising cost of fuel.

Mission Australia's uses vans to provide services for homeless people on the streets of inner Sydney.

But it says the vans cost $100 to fill up and it is struggling with the high cost of petrol.

Charity spokesman Daniel Petsalis says it wants petrol companies to make a donation.

"It'd be great to see one of our petrol companies come forward and help us with a donation or talk to us about discounting our fuel costs longer term in recognition for the problem and assisting us," he said.

Mr Petsalis says he wants to see fuel companies donate petrol or offer discounts.

"Charities do have a number of vehicles, other charities do, but Missionbeat's sort of the only one service of its kind across the country that's providing that street outreach and assistance to homeless people," he said.

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