Thursday, 24 April 2008

Tension builds as Canberra prepares for torch relay

The demonstrators have lit several hundred candles, some spelling out the phrase 'Free Tibet'.

Pro-Tibet activists held a candlelight prayer vigil outside the Chinese Embassy in Canberra last night as the city prepares to host the troubled Olympic torch relay.

A small crowd has gathered outside the embassy, just a few blocks from the route of the torch relay, and a low security presence is keeping protesters behind a fenced off area.

The demonstrators lit several hundred candles, some spelling out the phrase 'Free Tibet'.

The Tibetan community is planning more action today as the flame is carried through the streets of the national capital.

The protesters outside the embassy have been joined by a group of peace marchers from Sydney's Tibetan community, who have walked into Canberra.

The 17 pro-Tibet activists arrived at the embassy as fireworks were going off around the city to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic flame.

They had walked from Bungendore, 42 kilometres from Canberra, going without food for the past three days.

Protesters have been urged to demonstrate peacefully during today's torch relay and not to respond to any provocation by Chinese supporters.


Sydney Harbour Olympic protesters arrested
Two protesters were arrested on the Sydney Harbour bridge as the Olympic torch flew into Canberra this morning to a red carpet welcome.

Olympic torch touches down in Canberra
The flame flew in from Jakarta, where it was paraded through a heavily-guarded stadium last night after police stopped about 100 pro-Tibet protesters from disrupting the Indonesian relay leg.

Police get extra powers for torch relay
Amnesty International has published their annual death penalty count and China remains the top executioner in the world. April 16 2008

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