Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sydney Harbour Olympic protesters arrested

Two protesters were arrested on the Sydney Harbour bridge as the Olympic torch flew into Canberra this morning to a red carpet welcome.

There were no incidents at the tightly guarded airfield, but police said a man and a woman were arrested in Sydney while trying to display a banner on the Harbour Bridge.

The flame has become the focus of international demonstrations against China's role in Tibet and the Olympic host's human rights record.

"Two people, a man and a woman, were detained by security officers as they tried to unfurl a banner on the bridge," a police spokeswoman said.

There were reports the pair had planned to unveil a Tibetan flag, but the spokeswoman said she could not confirm that.

Overnight, a laser light display was used to project the slogans "Don't torch Tibet" and "One Dream: Peace in Tibet" onto one of the bridge's pylons.

Paul Bourke from the Australia Tibet Council said the display was designed to protest a plan to carry the Olympic torch through Tibet, saying it had nothing to do with sport.

"It is a blatant political manoeuvre by the Chinese leadership to symbolically cement and legitimise their control over the region," he said.


Olympic torch touches down in Canberra
The flame flew in from Jakarta, where it was paraded through a heavily-guarded stadium last night after police stopped about 100 pro-Tibet protesters from disrupting the Indonesian relay leg.

Police get extra powers for torch relay
Amnesty International has published their annual death penalty count and China remains the top executioner in the world. April 16 2008

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