Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Better schizophrenia treatment 'could have averted' murder

The ex-wife of a Sydney man stabbed to death by a former employee says his murder could have been prevented if the killer had been properly treated for schizophrenia.

Gordon Szeto, 32, has been found not guilty of killing restaurant owner Mario Acquaro at Crows Nest in April last year.

The judge found Mr Szeto was suffering a severe delusion of the mind at the time and thought Mr Acquaro was raping and victimising his ex-girlfriend.

Francine Acquaro says her ex-husband would still be alive if Mr Szeto had received the right treatment.

"It should be a massive warning to everyone," she said.

"It's something that should never have happened.

"He was an amazing man that did everything he possibly could for everybody else, and for Gordon to take this responsibility and to decide when someone should live and die, is just something we will never ever be able to accept."

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