Thursday, 18 December 2008

Taxi drivers blockade Melbourne CBD

Taxi drivers who are protesting against the fitting of safety screens in their cabs are being hit with parking fines.

Police have started writing fines for any taxi that is stopping traffic in Spring Street.

One person has been arrested for hindering police while one cab has been towed for blocking the street.

The drivers are protesting about a State Government decision forcing them to install safety screens in their cabs.

The blockade has caused major traffic disruptions for the second consecutive day.

The driver's spokesman Ange Goutsiolis says the Premier, John Brumby must meet with the drivers today or they will step up their protest.

"If we do not get an answer, if we don't talk to Brumby, mark my words, mark my words, we will block the whole city off," he said.

Taxi driver Clive Bundy says most cabbies do not want the screens and will not install the screens they are being forced to buy.

The State Government refused to overturn its policy after yesterday's protest against the screens blockaded Spring Street.

The Transport Minister met with the protesting taxi drivers yesterday, but is refusing to meet them again.

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