Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Seven arrested at Gunns mill protest

Police have arrested seven protesters who halted operations at Gunns' Triabunna woodchip mill on Tasmania's east coast this morning.

The activists arrived early this morning and seven of them chained themselves to a conveyor belt high above the woodchip pile.

They flew a banner saying "Gunns Limited equals Climate criminals" and they were angry about yesterday's 5 per cent carbon reduction target set by the Federal Government.

Police have now cut the protesters free and arrested them, ending the six-hour blockade.

Inspector Andrew Fogarty of Tasmania Police says the activists drove through the open front gate and will be charged with trespass.

They were driven out in a police van to jeers from contractors.

About 40 log trucks have started moving into the mill grounds to unload.

Gunns would not comment on the incident, only saying the company plants about 15 million seedlings a year, more than any other company in Australia.


Scientists call for stronger e-targets
Two Australian scientists on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have welcomed the Federal Government's move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but say it does not go far enough.

Wong announces $1.4b climate change fund
"This is about the Government delivering on its commitment to ensure that the monies raised from the scheme are invested back into Australian businesses and Australian households to enable everyone to make the transition to a low-pollution future," she said.

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