Friday, 19 December 2008

Motorist incinerated after fleeing RBT

Police are investigating a fatal crash in Boddington, south east of Perth, where a person was incinerated after their car hit a tree while being pursued by police.

Police were conducting random breath tests at a roadblock on Gold Mine Road when they say an approaching vehicle did a u-turn and sped away.

It was followed by a police car, but police say the officers lost sight of the vehicle.

They say that as officers continued down the road, they found the vehicle smashed against a tree and on fire.

The flames were so intense officers could not retrieve the driver from the car.

The damage to the vehicle has so far made it impossible to identify either the vehicle or the person inside.

While police have released few details, the accident appears similar to a fatality which happened in October, in the same area, when two men died attempting to evade police conducting speed checks.

A police internal investigation was launched into that incident.

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