Monday, 15 December 2008

Company fined over workplace death

A Melbourne company and its managing director have been fined $100,000 each over the death of a worker in 2006.

It is the first time a company director has been sentenced for a workplace death, under the Occupational Heath and Safety Act 2004.

The Victorian County Court heard the managing director of Manumatic Industries, Stanley Guthrie, told an employee, Frank Grima, to make drip trays for a machine that manufactured exhaust pipes at the company's Epping factory.

The court was told Mr Grima was hit on the head when he approached the machine and died from his injuries.

He was 55-years-old.

The court heard the machine's key safety feature, a laser safety curtain, was not working effectively.

Guthrie pleaded guilty to one count [of?] and Manumatic Industries pleaded guilty to a two charges [of?]

Outside Court Mr Grima's son Paul said he was happy with the sentence.

"Nothing will ever bring back my father but the judge did look into it and made the right call," he said.

Quote One count of what? Two charges of what? Manslaughter? Why was that too hard to print?

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