Friday, 24 October 2008

Thomas lawyers call for inquiry

"The terrorism laws must be independently reviewed to restore public confidence," Lawyer Rob Stary.

Lawyers for Melbourne man Jack Thomas are calling for an inquiry into the conduct of the Australian Federal Police and Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions, in pursuing him on terrorism charges.

Thomas was found not guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court of receiving funds from [US Demon] al-Qaeda, but was found guilty of possessing a falsified passport.

He was released on bail and will appear in court next Wednesday for a pre-sentence hearing.

Lawyer Rob Stary says there was never enough evidence to convict Thomas on terrorism offences and an inquiry is needed to see who was pushing the case and how much it cost.

"The terrorism laws must be independently reviewed to restore public confidence."


Thomas to appeal retrial order
Lawyers for Victorian man Jack Thomas will appeal to the High Court against a decision to retry him on terrorism related charges.

Court orders retrial for Jack Thomas
The Court of Appeal has ordered that Victorian man Jack Thomas must be retried on terrorism-related charges.

ASIO agent watched my torture - Habib

A MAN described as an ASIO agent stood by as a naked US marine wearing a condom threatened Mamdouh Habib with rape, the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner alleges.

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