Thursday, 30 October 2008

Midnight glass ban for 'problem' pubs

New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees says the state's most problematic licenced venues will be banned from using beer glasses after midnight and will face a mandatory 2:00am lockout.

Mr Rees also says no more 24-hour licences will issued as part of an overhaul of alcohol laws in New South Wales.

He says the measures are designed to tackle a drinking culture, which he has described as spiralling out of control.

"The 50 most problematic venues across the states [will] have tough new licensing conditions applied that will include a mandatory 2:00am lockout," he said.

"It will include the cessation of alcohol service 30 minutes before closing time, it will include the introduction of plastic glasses for use after midnight and it will include limits on drink purchases after midnight."

Mr Rees says the State Government wants the changes in place by this summer.

"[There are] 21,000 incidence of alcohol-related incidents each year and we want to drive that down," he said.

He says he has not spoken to pubs and clubs about the measures.

"The people of New South Wales are demanding we change the laws," he said.

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