Monday, 13 October 2008

Mallard wants senior police officers sacked

A man convicted and jailed for more than 11 years for a murder he did not commit in Western Australia says he will organise public demonstrations if the officers who helped convict him involved are not sacked from the police force.

Andrew Mallard served almost 12 years in jail for the murder of Pamela Lawrence but his conviction was quashed.

A Corruption and Crime Commission report released last week made misconduct findings against the prosecuting lawyer, Ken Bates, and two police officers, Mal Shervill and Dave Caporn, who now hold senior ranks.

Assistant Commissioner Shervill and Assistant Commissioner Caporn have been stood down on full pay, but no action has been taken against Mr Bates.

Mr Mallard says all three should be sacked.

"If the Commissioner does not sack Shervill, Caporn and Bates I will return to Perth and I will organise public demonstrations against the Police Commissioner," he said.

"In past findings by the triple of misconduct by politicians and public servants they are merely sacked, I mean come on, why are these people any different.

"If the correct results aren't forthwith then we're looking at a serious reputation of unreliability, incompetence, corruption."


Adverse findings against senior police
WA's Corruption and Crime Commission has suggested that disciplinary action be taken against two senior police and a senior lawyer over the wrongful conviction of Andrew Mallard.

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