Wednesday, 8 October 2008

ICAC recommends criminal charges

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has released its final report into corruption at Wollongong Council and is recommending that 11 people be charged with criminal offences.

The commission has asked the Department of Public Prosecutions to look at prosecuting the former Wollongong council planning officer Beth Morgan.

The commission found she abused her position to provide favours to developers with whom she was intimately involved.

ICAC also made corrupt conduct fndings against the developers Frank Vella and Bulent "Glen" Tabak, as well as senior council staff and former councillors.

The first ICAC report, released in March, questioned development consents granted by senior planner Ms Morgan to developers Frank Vellar, Glan Tabak and Michael Kollaris.

It also investigated alleged corrupt conduct by four ALP councillors, including former deputy mayor Kiril Jonovski.

It recommended the council be sacked.

The second report delivered a month later recommended suspension of a development application for the $100 million Quattro development.


Greens call for Royal Commission: NSW development
The New South Wales Greens say new concerns about the ICAC investigation into Wollongong Council are valid, after comments by standover man Ray Younan.

NSW to act on corruption findings
The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has found former council planner Beth Morgan and her ex-lover, developer Frank Vellar, engaged in corrupt conduct.

NSW Labor faces royal commission call
The New South Wales Greens have called for a royal commission into state planning decisions, following a number of allegations the Government overrode advice to deliver huge windfalls to ALP donor.

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