Saturday, 6 September 2008

Vic rally calls for abortion rights

A rally calling for full abortion rights for Victorian women will descend on the steps of Parliament in Melbourne.

Rally organiser Debbie Brennan said while she could not speculate on the numbers expected at the rally, it had received a strong response from the community.

"It's been going out far and wide and there's been a very good response to it," she said.

The Victorian parliament is considering legislation to remove abortion from the Crimes Act. Abortion is currently permitted in the state under a common law ruling only if it is to protect the women's health.

Ms Brennan said its supporters wanted abortion rights for women at all stages of their pregnancy.

The proposed law allows for an abortion to be performed up to 24 weeks and after that only with the approval of a doctor.

"The main message is that the majority out there in the community will not accept a compromise on abortion rights," Ms Brennan said.

"This is our first and last chance to get abortion rights in Victoria and also what happens in Victoria is going to have an impact throughout the country.

"This is crunch time."

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