Monday, 15 September 2008

Trades Hall concerns over IR reform

The Victorian Trades Hall Council is concerned the Federal Government is tailoring its industrial relations policies to the needs of the businesses at the expense of workers.

The Council's Secretary, Brian Boyd, has accused the Government of bending over backwards to help businesses maintain profit margins.

He says the Government is not standing up for workers rights and Work Choice negotiations have turned into a farce.

"Because the employers themselves aren't taking the industrial relations changes that were voted on in the last elections seriously," he said.

"I am really worried that the employers are really pushing back against the Government and we will end up with a half baked IR system that will not satisfy anyone, especially working people."

He said the process of industrial reform reform is being treated as a joke.

"Its taking far too long and a lot of workers are suffering and it seems that they are bending over backwards to assist employers in how they make their profits but not looking after freeing up the labor rights of ordinary workers."


Builders to walk off in Qld protest
CFMEU State Secretary Michael Ravbar says many builders feel Kevin Rudd has broken his pre-election promise to get rid of the laws.

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