Monday, 8 September 2008

Suspended sentence in winery terrorist plot

A Victorian grape grower who planned to blow up a rival winery in the state's north-east has been given a suspended sentence.

Steven Bergamin plotted to blow up the Gapsted Winery in 2002, when they reduced their payments to grape growers.

The court heard the 25-year-old engaged a private investigator and an undercover policeman to do the job, using a remote-controlled device so he could watch from a distance.

Bergamin pleaded guilty to one count of incitement to commit criminal damage and was fined and sentenced to 12 months' jail suspended for two years.

Quote: I reckon John Howard had something to hide whilst prosecuting other alleged terrorists. Why was the above case not resolved prior say the related case below? Seems incredible that the above case was not resolved or at least heard of and not resolved yet Lodhi was found guilty of much less evidence than the above case and given 20 years.

How does the Lodhi Case related below add up to the above Case?

What is more likely a terrorist act?

A) A person who has made certain arrangements to carry out a terrorist act?

B) A person who has made no certain arrangements to carry out a terrorist act?

That's not to suggest that the above person should have been given more time just that it is incompatible with the Lodhi case in evidence, demeanour and disparaty.


Faheem Lodhi - another non-terrorist jailed under Australia's 'anti-terror' laws? Jack Thomas, a non-terrorist, has been jailed under Australia's anti-terror laws. Now Faheem Lodhi has been convicted under the terror laws on flimsy, circumstantial evidence. It is likely he is another non-terrorist jailed for political purposes under the terror laws.

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