Sunday, 14 September 2008

Nationals give Liberals WA election win

Grylls has pledged support to the Liberals.

The Western Australian Nationals have handed the Liberals victory in the State Election.

The Nationals leader, Brendon Grylls, has emerged from a State Council meeting at a hotel in Perth to announce the party would use its balance of power in the Lower House to support their traditional allies, the Liberals.

Both the Liberal Leader, Colin Barnett, and Labor's Alan Carpenter have been courting the Nationals since last weekend's state poll delivered a hung Parliament.

Mr Grylls demanded that 25 per cent of mining royalties be set aside for regional projects.

Both parties agreed to the deal and to other requests, raising concern about the impact on WA's credit rating, and a range of projects planned for the state.

However, the party has voted to side with the Liberals, delivering the party government and Mr Barnett the Premiership.

Meanwhile the distribution of preferences is continuing in a number of seats.

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