Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Man sentenced for schoolies attack

A 20-year-old man has been sentenced to two years in a youth justice centre for hitting a fellow reveller during schoolies week celebrations in Lorne.

Alexander James Kennedy had pleaded not guilty to one count of recklessly causing serious injury, but was convicted by a jury.

The County Court heard Kennedy had punched a fellow reveller, Jon Hucker, in the face outside the Lorne Hotel in 2006.

Mr Hucker fell to the ground and fractured his skull.

He was comatose for a fortnight, and required long-term rehabilitation to learn how how to walk and speak again.

Outside court, Mr Hucker said he was pleased with today's sentence.

"(There's) no need for violence. Really, like, why do it? There's no need for it," he said.

His mother, Suzanne Hucker, said the two year sentence was fair.

"Very grateful that truth and justice prevailed, and that Jon now can move on," she said.

The court heard Kennedy was drinking before the attack, but was remorseful and had resolved to curtail his consumption of alcohol.

Judge Wendy Wilmoth said courts must deal severely with alcohol-fuelled street violence.

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