Friday, 19 September 2008

Euthanasia advocate ends own life after trial

After being put through the wringer by Australia's legal system, a prominent euthanasia advocate has taken her own life.

Caren Jenning has been convicted of assisting in the death of Alzheimer's sufferer Graeme Wylie earlier this year.

She and Mr Wylie's defacto wife Shirley Justins were convicted over the death and were due to be sentenced later this year.

Euthanasia advocate and Exit International founder Philip Nitschke announced that Ms Jenning had taken her own life last night.

Dr Nitschke said that Ms Jenning had taken a lethal dose of the prohibited veterinary drug Nembutal.

The 75-year-old Ms Jenning had been suffering from breast cancer at the time of her death.

"It was not an unexpected development given the treatment and persecution she received at the hands of the legal system in the past few years,'' Dr Nitschke said.

"She's left a statement, quite detailed statement, and was her wish that it will be released on Monday."

She was alone at the time of her death.


Greens introduce territories euthanasia bill
Greens leader Bob Brown says he is confident Federal Parliament will pass a bill he is introducing in the Senate today to give the territories the right to make euthanasia laws.

Group calls for further study of euthanasia bill
The group Dying with Dignity, says Victorian Parliament has gone against public sentiment, in voting against the Physician-Assisted Dying bill.

Euthanasia bill may go to conscience vote
A Senate inquiry has recommended parliamentarians get a conscience vote on a private member's bill designed to revive the Northern Territory's euthanasia legislation.

Mercy killing verdicts reignite euthanasia debate
A euthanasia advocate is appealing for changes to the law after two women were yesterday found guilty of the manslaughter of an Alzheimer's disease sufferer. Shirley Justins, 59, was found guilty of the manslaughter of her partner Graeme Wiley, who died from an overdose of the euthanasia drug Nembutal in his northern Sydney home in 2006.

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