Thursday, 28 August 2008

Crash survivor won't get on a boat

Who stole the boat that was subsequently overloaded, unregistered, uninsured, and unlicensed? Now you don't have to be a policeman to work that out do you?

THE water has always been a big part of Mathew Reynolds life - fisherman, charter operator, diver, water sports, movie shoots and skippering million-dollar cruisers.

But after the Sydney Harbour boat tragedy that killed six of his friends on May 1, the 31-year-old has revealed he will never return to the water again.

Mr Reynolds, whose father Charlie is a charter boat operator at Tweed Heads, said yesterday: "I am sorry for the loss we have all been put through."

The veteran skipper with a clean maritime record was a passenger and not at the helm of the runabout on the tragic night. He hit back at claims that with 14 people on board a boat licensed to carry eight, it was on a joy ride.

"The night in relation to the accident was not a party cruise, we were not out lairising," said Mr Reynolds, who has appeared in maritime safety ads in Queensland.

He said they were on the Harbour to drop off keys and paper work from the staff at Balmain's Commercial Hotel.

Mr Reynolds' girlfriend, mother-of-two Ashlie Ayres, was among those killed in the accident.

Also killed were Lizzie Holder, Stacey Wright, Savannah Holloway, Alex Nikakis and Alex Rumiz.

Police last month sent a brief of evidence on the accident to the Director of Public Prosecutions.


Crash skipper named in police cover-up

Who stole the boat that was subsequently overloaded, unregistered, uninsured, and unlicensed? Now you don't have to be a policeman to work that out do you?

Harbour crash 'driver' goes to police
Police "too busy" to question possible driver of boat in fatal harbour crash. Matthew Reynolds, the 31-year-old originally thought to be at the helm of the runabout which collided with a fishing boat on Sydney Harbour in May, killing six people, attended Tweed Heads Police Station today.

Boat safety laws overhauled
The New South Wales Government has announced maritime safety laws will be overhauled, a month after six people died in a boat crash on Sydney Harbour.

Boat tragedy: mystery over driver?
Three weeks after the Sydney Harbour tragedy, police have yet to establish who was driving the runabout that collided with a fishing trawler, killing six young people.

Boat driver in fatal crash revealed: cover-up
Cocktail barman Percy Small has been named as the man at the wheel of the runabout when it crashed into a larger fishing boat, killing six people. It is believed those on board have also claimed that a third person may have been at the wheel during some point in the journey, News Limited [Limited News] reports. [???] [An attempt now to place someone that was allegedly not drunk at the helm???] Quote: "Witnesses have told police that after Mr Reynolds, a qualified skipper, negotiated the boat from Balmain Wharf he handed the controls over to Mr Small. Mr Small, who holds a 'boating licence' and 'did not appear affected by alcohol', safely took the boat across the harbour to Watsons Bay." Unquote. [NSW Police and Limited News Lies? Seems like they got the all clear??? Now all they have to do is inform the boat owners that granting permission to the crew for the journey won't be a liability???]

Harbour death crash: [who stole the boat?]
The father of Matthew Reynolds, [the man originally thought to have stolen the runabout and] the man originally thought to have been at the helm of the runabout at the time of last Thursday's harbour tragedy, says his son knows who was steering the vessel but will not reveal their identity because of "legal implications".

Homicide squad called in over harbour crash
THE homicide squad stamped its authority on the investigation into the harbour tragedy yesterday, with an inspection of the boats that smashed into each other in the cold and dark on Thursday morning.

Police name 6th harbour crash victim
Thirty-two-year-old Ashlei Ayres, a single mother of two, has now been named as one of the five people who died at the scene of the crash.

Balmain hotels fill as young mourn pub mates
Many of those involved in the accident were from Balmain. Friends gathered, embraced and cried openly on Darling Street, and soon after were intoxicated with alcohol as well as grief. Balmain bar staff described the incident as a pub staff night gone wrong.

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