Monday, 28 July 2008

Up-skirt teacher walks free

A Sydney teacher who used a hidden camera to film up the skirts of schoolgirls in a shopping centre has been given a good-behaviour bond.

Robert Ian Drummond, 42, was convicted of possessing and producing child pornography after a 14-year-old noticed him filming up her skirt at Warringah Mall on Sydney's northern beaches in 2007.

Drummond was identified by security footage and later arrested at Cromer High School.

Police found indecent video footage of a number of teenagers during a search of his home.

The video of the 14-year-old clearly showed her crotch and underwear.

The teacher denied the charges, with his lawyers arguing the video did not depict the girl in a sexual context, but he was found guilty last month.

Magistrate Julie Huber today handed Drummond a four-month suspended jail sentence and a 12-month good-behaviour bond.

The court heard he was ashamed of his behaviour, which was out of character.

Drummond was suspended from teaching duties in 2007.

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