Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Public schools allowing Christian sex ed

The Greens say the New South Wales Government needs to better control which groups have access to public school classrooms.

It has emerged that a Christian church-backed program is being taught as part of regular curriculum in some NSW schools.

The Choices of Life program, devised by the Presbyterian and Baptist churches, has been taught in human sexuality classes in at least three state primary schools and some high schools.

Greens MP John Kaye says the program pushes an anti-abortion and pro-abstinence message, and it is disturbing that it has been allowed into classrooms.

"It's indoctrination of students, it runs counter to the demands of the Education Act that public schools instruction be strictly non-sectarian and secular," he said.

"It also runs counter to the more than 80 per cent of Australians who oppose any restrictions on the rights of women to have abortion."

Mr Kayes says the anti-abortion, pro-abstinence message goes against the Education Act, which demands that public school instruction be secular.

"The Iemma Government has lost control of who gets access to public school class rooms," he said.

"Earlier this week, we had the Hillsong Church with its Shine program running in 20 public schools. Now we've got the Choice of Life organisation.

"There needs to be far better regulation to stop groups getting access to public school classes when they haven't been appropriately vetted."

The Department of Education and Training says it will review the use of the Choices of Life program.


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