Friday, 18 July 2008

Jealous husband gets 17 years

An Ascot Vale man has been re-sentenced to 17 years jail for the murder of his wife.

Paul Margach, aged 42, was found guilty of stabbing his 36 year old wife Tina to death.

The Supreme Court was told Margach stabbed his wife more than 20 times in a fit of jealously .

He wrongly believed she was having an affair.

He was last year sentenced to 17 years jail but won a re-trial to use provocation as a defence.

Today the original sentence was re-imposed.

Justice Geoffrey Nettle said the 17 years was a merciful sentence for a man who had deprived his children of their mother, but decided against increasing the term due to Margach's serious psychological issues.

Margach will serve a minimum of 13 and a half years behind bars.

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