Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Harbour Bridge displays public sector anger

Hundreds of public sector workers have rallied outside the New South Wales Government's Sydney offices as part of a state-wide day of action against its 2.5 per cent capped pay rise offer.

Police are refusing to issue fines for minor offences as part of the day of action, which also involves firefighters and teachers.

Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) workers have unfurled a banner from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to draw attention to the anger.

All state departments are banning communication with ministers or ministerial officers.

Unions NSW secretary John Robertson told the rally the Government needed to pay frontline workers more because the offer was far below the inflation level.

"I remember Morris Iemma's election campaign: 'Better services for the people of NSW'," he said.

"Well, you don't deliver better services if you are not paying people a decent wage."

Firefighters have also taken part a separate rally at east Darling Harbour.

Protests have also been held in Wollongong and outside Treasurer Michael Costa's Newcastle office.

The workers, including police officers, firefighters and teachers, say the offer is far below the inflation level.

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