Sunday, 15 June 2008

Draconian scheme to stop changing names

Convicted sex offenders who try to change their names to avoid detection will be stopped under a new national proposal.

Under the scheme, sex offenders will be forced to inform prison and parole authorities if they try to change their names.

New South Wales Justice Minister John Hatzistergos says the proposal will introduce an important safeguard by ensuring sex offenders are unable to avoid authorities.

"It's important that authorities be able to continue to be able to track these offenders and ensure that they remain identified to them," he said.

"To that extent, these proposals will enable us to safeguard the community by ensuring that sex offenders are effectively unable to change their identity in a way that can evade detection.

"We'll have a similar system in place across the country so that a person isn't able to effectively change their name in another jurisdiction and then escape or evade supervision by going underground."

Quote: First they came for the sex offenders because they were the most likely unpopular people in the land, then they came for the rest of us in the minimum secure prison planet. Food for thought.


Draconian power to discharge juror and bend trial

JUDGES will be given [draconian] powers to discharge individual jurors without having to abort a trial under reforms passed through state cabinet yesterday.

Ruthless and grubby: DPP lashes Morris Iemma's team
THE Director of Public Prosecutions, Nicholas Cowdery, has dumped a bucket on the Iemma Government, describing it as "ruthless", guilty of "grubby" tactics and saying it has "crucified" his office.

NSW Govt 'trying to muzzle DPP'
The New South Wales Government is fighting off accusations it is interfering with the independence of the state prosecutor by appointing a manager to his office.

DPP urges tougher child identity laws
The New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions is calling for even stricter conditions on the naming of children involved in criminal proceedings.

Lift the veil and show us what the jurors see
The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, Nicholas Cowdery, sees some problems in all this. He points to the tension between the public's right to know and the community's "confidence in the administration of justice". If the media edits or selects bits of the evidence the reporting would be very bias and unfair, unless you trust corporate media that is. Anyway I think this is right wing propaganda make up your own mind I guess...

TRIAL BY MEDIA! or trial by a Jury?
Once a person is charged there should be a media black ban on that case until a jury has found the person either guilty or not guilty. If the media have the power to elect our political parties then they also have the power to find people guilty. Especially people who are being tried over and over again. Now with no double jeopardy rules and majority verdicts in NSW then high profile cases have become susceptible to being tried by the media and not by the jury in my humble opinion.

In addition to this story and typical of the right wing corporate media propagandists with one saviour Nicholas Cowdery

Naming and shaming a bad idea, say MPs
A STATE parliamentary committee has rejected calls for juvenile criminals to be "named and shamed" and instead wants media blackouts on identifying children broadened.

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