Friday, 27 June 2008

Disabled protected from sex predators?

Sexual predator laws in NSW have been broadened to include victims suffering afflictions such as Alzheimer's and the long-term effects of stroke.

Carers and others found committing sexual acts against people with cognitive impairments now face up to 10 years in jail.

NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos said the new laws were introduced into state parliament on Thursday to protect more people vulnerable to sexual attack.

"Taking advantage of a cognitively impaired person for sexual gratification is reprehensible," Mr Hatzistergos said in a statement.

Prior to the changes, the laws protected only people born with or who acquired an intellectual disability.

"With the introduction of these laws we are protecting a broader group of disabled people who are vulnerable to sexual predators," he said.

A new state inheritance law was also introduced to parliament on Thursday to simplify the administration of deceased estates.

"Moving between states is becoming more prevalent, particularly among baby boomer retirees so the argument for uniform inheritance laws has become more compelling," Mr Hatzistergos said.

Quote: Carers and others offenders? Don't they already come under the general human being type of offenders? And it would be hard to imagine that regardless of being born with or who acquired and intellectual disability a victim would not have been seen as disabled after any sexual offence had been committed. So these alleged new laws and penalties appear to be just filibustering like the government has just done something new? Does that mean prior these new laws that carers and others got away with the crime? I don't think so. It is easy for the Attorney General to grandstand on what is reprehensible like people don't know? If a person made a statement that was already seen by others as reprehensible how many political points should they get? There are lots of reprehensible acts and it is easy to make a statement that somehow gives John Hatzistergos a point when his government has failed miserably to govern NSW. And to rely on the most unpopular person in society and one of the most vulnerable in society for political credibility could also be seen as reprehensible. How about making sure that offenders get programs in prison for their reprehensibility?


Abusers free without treatment
HIGH-RISK sex offenders who need and want treatment are released without it because the state's only rehabilitation centre is ridiculously under-resourced, says a psychologist who worked on the program for a decade.

WA sex offenders missing out on rehab
It has been revealed that over the past year more than 60 per cent of sex offenders released from Western Australian jails did not complete rehabilitation programs targetting their crimes.

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