Saturday, 14 June 2008

Court denies Lodhi leave to appeal

Faheem Lodhi another non-terrorist jailed under Australia's 'anti-terror' laws?

A man jailed for 20 years for planning a terrorist attack on Australia's electricity system has been refused leave to appeal to the High Court.

Faheem Khalid Lodhi was convicted two years ago of planning a terrorist attack in October 2003.

He collected maps of Australia's electricity supply grid and sought information about chemicals used to make explosives.

His 2006 trial was told he was an associate of convicted terrorist Willie Brigitte, who was deported to France.

Lodhi claimed the trial did not establish that he had actually decided to carry out a terrorist attack.

Today the High Court dismissed Lodhi's applications to appeal against his conviction and sentence.


Push for overhaul of laws on terrorism
In a paper in Judicial Review he said that the National Security Information Act "gives the appearance of having been drafted by persons who have little knowledge of the function and processes of a criminal trial".

Faheem Lodhi - another non-terrorist jailed under Australia's 'anti-terror' laws?
Jack Thomas, a non-terrorist, has been jailed under Australia's anti-terror laws. Now Faheem Lodhi has been convicted under the terror laws on flimsy, circumstantial evidence. It is likely he is another non-terrorist jailed for political purposes under the terror laws.

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