Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Corbys' mother gets defamation payout

The mother of Schapelle and Mercedes Corby, Roseleigh Rose, has received a confidential payout from Channel Seven in settlement of her complaint she was defamed by its Today Tonight program.

The program, which settled a similar complaint by Mercedes Corby for an undisclosed sum three weeks ago, was based on an interview with her former best friend Jodie Power.

Ms Rose had alleged she was defamed by allegations in the program that she was guilty of the crimes of selling, possessing and trafficking marijuana, that she caused Schapelle Corby to commit the crime of importing the drug into Bali and that she posed a threat to the life of Ms Power.

The parties reached agreement on the case last week, Ms Rose's lawyer said outside the Supreme Court today.

The terms of the settlement were placed in a sealed envelope after the judge, Justice Lucy McCallum, approved them.

Mercedes Corby's recent payout from the program was rumoured to have been as high as $1 million.

A jury ruled Mercedes Corby had been defamed by three separate reports in the program.

Ms Rose had complained of defamation in only one report.


Channel Seven guilty in Corby defamation
A Supreme Court jury has found Channel Seven guilty of defamation against Mercedes Corby.

Corby informant paid $120,000 cash, court told

A former friend of Schapelle Corby was paid "something like" $120,000 in cash by Today Tonight for a fabricated story, a defamation jury heard today.

Corby loses sentence appeal
Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has lost a final appeal to have her jail sentence reduced.

Corby may serve 9 more years before transfer: Indonesia
Convicted cannabis smuggler Corby has served less than four years of a 20-year sentence.

Jail work could cut Corby's sentence
THE convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby may be eligible for a prison job that could shave years off the 20-year sentence she is serving in an Indonesian jail.

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