Monday, 19 May 2008

Unfair tax on gays: activist

There are concerns same sex couples could be financially worse off under the Federal Budget.

The gay and lesbian rights group, Coming Out Proud, says this year's budget treats all same sex couples as de facto relationships.

The group's Julian Punch says this will mean some couples could lose welfare benefits and be taxed on double incomes because their relationship is not recognised as having the same value as a marriage.

He wants the Federal Government to recognise same sex civil unions nationally to avoid tax discrimination.

"At the moment, currently and with the previous government, as facist as it was, our relationships were just in a no person zone, they weren't accepted they weren't recognised," he said.

"Now the government's going to recognise them for the purposes of tax accruements."


Watered down same-sex laws pass in ACT
Laws granting same-sex couples legal recognition passed the ACT Legislative Assembly Thursday night, but the territory government is still furious it was forced to water down its legislation.

Gay activist questions govt decision
The ACT government has been forced to abandon plans to legally recognise same-sex civil union ceremonies after the Rudd government refused to support the move, upsetting the Australian Coalition for Equality.

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