Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Power play: Greens push for sell-off vote

The New South Wales Greens are planning to reintroduce a private member's bill, designed to make sure all MPs get a vote on electricity privatisation.

Upper House MP John Kaye originally sought in February to ensure any sale, lease or disposal of electricity assets would be determined by Parliament.

He let his bill lapse after Treasurer Michael Costa gave an assurance in Question Time that a vote would occur.

But Dr Kaye says recently Mr Costa has been refusing to give the same guarantee.

"We can no longer trust Michael Costa or Morris Iemma not to try and get around Parliament," he said.

"Parliament's going to become embarrassing for them in the long run. They want to do this behind closed doors in a secret deal with business.

"We're determined to get it into Parliament so that we can at least expose some of the aspects of this which aren't in the public interest."

He says he wants to make sure Parliament gets the final say.

"We wanna give all members of Parliament the opportunity to make a clear statement on how they stand," he said.

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