Thursday, 1 May 2008

Parents warned over toddler drowning stats

The Royal Lifesaving Society says a lack of parental supervision may be to blame for the rising number of toddler drownings.

New figures released by the society estimate that drownings could rise by 20 per cent this year, resulting in 40 deaths.

Rob Bradley from Royal Life Saving Australia says that while faulty pool fences are also to blame, parents must be accountable for supervising their children.

"Parents are becoming a little complacent perhaps. They are aware of the message but they don't seem to be able to ensure that there is constant supervision of those children," he said.

"At the end of the day it is the parent's responsibility."

"For every drowning there's probably four hospitalisations and of those one to two will have permanent neurological damage."

Quote: Yes but also remember that parents can only do their best and sometimes circumstances have it that no intervention was perceived. Any person has to perceive the danger before any action can be taken. Hence public awareness is essential to be able to focus on that. So those who failed to perceive the danger ought not feel guilt.

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